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Are you a friend of our planet and nature?
"Are you a friend of our planet and nature?"
Level: The 4-th form
Тема: “Save our planet and nature: mountains, lakes and forests”
Objectives: Language competence: To teach students:
a)To use the new words in their speech
b) To revise the previously learnt lexical material.
c) To express their thoughts about the theme.
Communicative competence: to develop students’ listening reading, writing, speaking skills.
Cultural competence: a)To maintain students’ interest in studying English.
b)To enlarge students scopes on the Theme.
Procedure of the lesson:
I. Evocation. (стадия вызова)
a) Org. moment
T: Good morning our highly respected teachers ! I’m glad to see you. My name is Gulnara Serikovna. I’ll be your teacher of English today. Good morning pupils! How are you today? Fine?O.K.?So-So?Bad?
We are fine, thank you, and how are you?
T) I am fine thank you, Are the lights on?
P: yes, they are
T: Is the blackboard clean?
P: yes, it is.
Is there a chalk near the blackboard?-Yes, there is
T: Are the pupils here?
P: yes, they are
T: is the teacher here?
P: yes she is
T: Is the time to begin our lesson?
P: yes it is
T: Are you ready to start our lesson?
P: Yes we are
I know you’re clever, brave, creative & logical creatures.
Warm up:
I see, you are so tired! Let’s relax before our hard working. Stand up & make the circle. Our summer holiday is not far from. And I like you to wish sth to each other. What would you like to wish your partner?
- ( Pupils ‘wishes)
- Forests-Сухинин: I wish Tulegen to have a nice day!
- Tulegen: I wish Adilzhan to buy sth!
- Adilzhan: I wish Amina to be in a good spirit!
- Amina: I wish Adilhan to have a good summer weekend!
- Adilhan: I wish Timur to go to Mega Aktobe with me!
- Lakes- Timur: I wish Dastan have a dood life!
- Dastan: I wish Dilyara to be good at school!
- Dilyara: I wish Andrey to be successful!
- Andrey: I wish Ruslan to be happy!
- Mountains: Ruslan: I wish Guzal to have a good friend!
- Guzal: I wish Nastya to be healthy!
- Nastya: I wish Dina to be a lucky person!
- Dina: I wish Adis to take an excellent mark!
T: I would like to wish you to go somewhere on your summer holidays because
No grammar in summer, (In chorus-All pupils)
No lessons, no tests,
No English, no Maths, no P.E
Just mountains and meadows,
Lakes, rivers and fields
And a yacht on the deep blue sea!
-With these good wishes I suggest you to start our lesson.
-Look at the white board and try to guess the theme of our lesson.
-What is the theme of our lesson?
P1: The theme of our lesson is the following: “All people are responsible for our planet and nature”.
“To be responsible for” is “быть ответственным за”.
During our lesson I want you to think about the problem “Nobody will help us and our planet if we don’t help ourselves.” .
As you have seen from thepictures,the Earth is our home. Our country.Our environment.There are many big and small rivers, green forests, high mountains, lakes and seas in Kazakhstan. Our Earth is our home. I think people must take care of our Motherland. We have got the main aim of the protection. Our environment must be clean. The people all over the world do everything to protect their nature, to make their country richer, to make their life happier.
I’ve divided you into 3 groups. The first group is the camp in the mountains.
The second group is the camp in the forests. The third group is the camp in the lakes.Think the name of your camp.
P1:The mountains camp’s name is the ALPS
P2:The forests camp’s name is the Sherwood forest
P3:The lakes camp’s name is the Great Lakes
I have something special for you that helps you at our lesson. These are flags – stickers.
• Pink flag means: “I don’t understand”
• green flag means: “ I want to answer”
• yellow flag means: “1 score to your mark”

So, now I’ll give you Red & Green for you to use & Yellow I’ll give you later for your good answers. Today you should not be afraid of mistakes; your activity is the way to your success & excellent marks. Good luck!!!
II. Realization of meaning: ( стадия осмысления)
We’ve got 3 camps. Let’s review our childhood. Our childhood, when we spent our holidays in the summer camps. During that time we had known different things. Now I am going to ask you questions. And if you know the answer, raise your flags. If your answer is correct, I will give the yellow flag.
1.What is the name of the planet we live on? (Earth) The planet we live on is the Earth.
2. How many continents are there on the planet? (6) There are six continents Europe and Asia, North and South America, Africa, Australia and Antarctic.-
3. What separates the continents from each other? (seas and oceans)
4. Why must we protect nature? P1:We live on the Earth. This planet is our home. We want our home to be clean and new. We want to see blue seas, green trees, and clear sky. We want to breath clean air. If you care about your planet, don't make it dirty. Don't leave plastic bags, bottles, cans, newspapers in the streets, parks, forests. Pick up the litter if you see it. Remember that the future is in our hands.
:5. How can we protect nature? P :We must not leave litter in the streets.
We must not pollute rivers.
We must keep the country tidy.
We must water flowers, trees.
6. What is the most attractive place on earth, do you think? (Seas and oceans, forests and fields, rivers, mountains …)
7 We can see a lot of beautiful places on our planet. Can you say that we live in a wonderful world? P1:-Of course our world is wonderful and beautiful. I think people will do everything to protect life on the earth, to save our planet for young people.

8. There are usually many countries on the continents. Do you know any facts about the countries you are from? P: We know that there are six continents on the earth. They are Europe and Asia, Africa, America, Australia, Antarctic. America consists of North America and South America. The continents are very large. Oceans and seas wash them and separate them from each other. There are usually many countries on the continents.
9. What must the people do to protect animal and plants, to keep the waters clean and the air fresh? P: Many animals and birds on the Earth are disappearing nowadays. Many of them are in danger. Indian tigers and Af¬rican elephants are among them. People have hunted and killed many tigers in India and a lot of elephants in Af¬rica.
10.Do you know when people celebrate the Earth day ?( The 22nd of April is the Earth day).
11. Where can people breathe the fresh air?
( In the forest).
12. Our district is nice and beautiful.But there are some ecological problems. What are they? ( Air pollution, water pollution, the pollution of environment)
-I’ll give you some interesting stories about mountains, lakes and forests. I’ll give for the first group the text is about mountains,
The 2-nd group-lakes
The 3-rd group-forests.
T: look at my hand, what do you see?
P1:we see red and black hats.
T:Right you are, we have 2 hats. Each hat has a particular meaning.
The black hat:-means negative points of this story
& find problems, which you dislike.
The red hat:-here you can express your filling which you had
during reading this story.
-I’ll give you 2 minutes.

The greatest mountain
Like other people I am fond of travelling to beautiful places. But I have one distinguishing feature. I prefer travelling on foot to traveling by car or by plane.
This summer our company of about 35-45 people decided to explore the Crimea Mountains. It is well known they keep many legends and sagas.
We passed through many interesting places of interest and heard a lot of amazing stories. But most of all I liked the legend about the greatest mountain, which name is Demerji. Long time ago conquerors-nomads and hordes gushed to the Crimean lands. Like fiery lava they were descending around the mountains and steppes, and the smell of burning and the smoke were behind them. The Crimean residents didn’t bend their necks; they met their enemies bravely. They killed a lot of uninvited guests. The further they were moving to the depth, the more guns they needed. They came up to the mountain, which was called ‘Fuming’ by the residents. The surrounded people were famous as smiths, and so many handymen gathered in the villages. The masters of warlords gathered around the mountain and were looking at its top with admire. It was tightened with smoke. And the senior warlord decided that it was impossible to find the better place for the bugle. He called one man who differed from the others and whispered him something.
At once he took some warriors and ten residents with him and led them to the top of the mountain. Since that the conquerors were getting the necessary guns. The man with a black beard, a blacksmith, was forging new guns on the top of the mountain. He built a giant smithy. The mountain was rattling all days long. At this smithy the guns were forged from such steel that it hacked different steel but stayed untouched. The conquerors killed everybody. But one day a young brave girl, who decided to stop the murders and slavery, appeared. At night she climbed up to the mountain, came up to the smith and asked to end tortures and go away. But he just smiled and killed the brave girl with the sword, which he had just made. One drop of her blood fell into the mouth of the mountain, and it made noise, not bearing such villainy. All the bugles were destroyed and the lava was gushing. All the conquerors-nomads died. And the peaceful residents were lifted high in the sky by the wind, and, when everything was over, they were put down back. The people looked around and saw their former mountain, but there was no smoke, and there were rocks in which it was possible to discern the smith with a black beard and girl’s head. Since then this mountain has been called Demerji, which means a smith in translation. I admire this legend, and what about you?

The Earth is in Danger
I want to tell you about our Earth. I want to say what people ruins and want they can lose.
Many people want to save the Earth, but they don`t know how to do it. They don`t know how to protect wild animals, plants, and how to keep water clean and air fresh. Water is very important in the life of people. There is a lot of water on our planet. It is in rivers, oceans, lakes and seas.
At the same time there is a little water on the planet. In many lakes and rivers the water is very dirty. Sometimes people can`t swim in seas, rivers and lakes because water is dirty. In many places water is not able to drink and it is dangerous to use it when you cook. Even fish die in such water.
Some people`s activities do a lot of harm to the forests. People cut down trees to build farms, homes and roads. Many animals and plants lose their homes. Many of them die. This is bad for the air of the Earth too. Modern plants and factories send a lot of smoke in the atmosphere. This is very bad, because nowadays it`s difficult to breathe in big cities.
So, the problem now is to protect life on the Earth, and to save our planet for the future. I believe that we must think about our planet and we mustn`t cut down trees, dump to the rivers. Then in the future our world will be beautiful.
Brief History of Sherwood Forest
The early history of Sherwood Forest
The parliament Oak, one of the original boundary oaks for the Clipstone Royal Park and the oldest tree in Sherwood Forest.
Evidence of flint tools shows some use of the Sherwood area by prehistoric hunter-gathers.By the 9th centry,farming communities were making a greater impact on the Sherwood landscape. Most of these communities still exist today. Names ending in ‘by’ like Thoresby, are Scandinavian in origin, ‘thorpe’ as in Gleadthorpe are Danish, and ‘feal’ (field) as in Mansfield, are Roman whilst ‘tun’ (ton) as in Clipstone are anglo-saxon. This was Clippes hamlet or manor. The name ‘Sherwood’ was first recorded in 958 when it was called Sciryuda, meaning ‘the woodland belonging to the shire’.
The Royal Forest
Historically there were two different definitions of Sherwood. One was the great swath of woodland and heath found on the quickly draining poor sand-lands running up the centre of Nottinghamshire. The other was the Royal Forest of Sherwood, which comprised the royal manors and was subject to Forest Law.
Before 1066 many of these manors were held by Edward the Confessor. Royal manors provided the King with his main power base so were very important. After the Norman invasion, these royal manors formed the core of the Royal Forest.
The legal term ‘Forest’ meant an area subject to special laws designet to protect the valuable resources of timber and game (vert and venision). These laws were strictly and severely imposed by agisters. Foresters, verderers (wardens) and ranges, who were all were employed by the Crown.
It was Henry II who, in 1180, enclosed the Royal Hunting Park of Clipstone and made the manor at Kings Clipstone, which later became known as King John’s Palace, a royal residence.
In the 1200s, popularly thought to be the time of Robin Hood, Sherwood
Covered about a fifth of
Nottinghamshire. The main London to York road, the Great Norht Way, ran straight though Sherwood, and travelers were often at the mercy of robbers living outside of the law (outlaws).
The 1630 map of Kings Clipstone shows the Forest to the east of Kings Clipstone reduced to rabbit warrens and scrubby heathland called the ‘Shrogges’, a local dialect word.
-Ok, your time is up. Start please.

(The pupils answers)
The 1-st group: Our story is about mountain. Positive sides are: the first : People like to travel and do know different fi new things( for example new legend).
The second: Even nature was gainst cruetly towards peaceful people.
Negative sides of this story are: conquerors could made backsmith do swords with the help of which they will people.
The second: That the warrior killed the wind girl with the sword.

2-nd group: Our story is about lakes. The positive sides of the story are the first that there is a lot of water on our planet. It’s in rivers, oceans, lakes and seas.
The second many people want do protect the earth and safe the oceans, seas and lakes.
The negative sides are the 1-st there is a lot of water on our planet, but at the same time there is a little, because the water is dirty and we can’t use it, and living creatures die in such water.
The second people want do the nature, but do not know how to do it.
The 3-rd group: The positive side of the text is: We can learn more about the history of Sherwood Forest.
The second there were special laws to protect the valuable forest resources of timber.
The negative side of the text is: The laws were strict and severely imposed by those who were employed by the crown.
Robbers living outside of the law robbed and killed traveler, who went through the Sherwood forest.

• Are you proud of your city?
• Are you proud of your native land?
Thank you for your answers. Well, my dears I have a request.
Do you understand this phrase? Let’s pronounce it altogether.
You are the best pupils. It was very interesting to listen to your opinions. I quite agree with you.
Reflexion: ( Рефлексия)
- T: I will give you 3 rucksacks and the things you will need in your summer camps. You should choose 4 things you need mostly. There are matches, ropes, knives, cups, salts, papers, fishing nets.
- P1: Our camp needs a…..
- P2: Our camp needs a…..
- P3: Our camp needs a…..
- And now let’s count your scores and you give marks yourself.
T: Now you are ready to the summer camp. But each camp is situated in the country. And nowadays the environment protection is the world’s global problem, that is why we must abbey some rules. How do you think what rules we should follow? To think I’ll give you 2 minutes. I wish you all the best. I hope you’ll become real patriots.
- Summing up our lesson I’d like you to sing the song about our summer holidays!
- Holidays! Holidays!
I want to go to the mountains,
I want to go to the zoo,
I want to go to the mountains,
I want to go to the zoo,

- Holidays! Holidays!
I want to go to the swimming pool,
I want to go to the beach,
I want to go to the swimming pool,
I want to go to the beach,

- Holidays! Holidays!
I want to go to the park,
I want to go to the fair,
I want to go to the park,
I want to go to the fair,
The lesson is over!
Good bye my dear guests, and my dear pupils!
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